In the Focus on Local Online Academy, you'll find tools to help your small business grow within your local community.

I've created this Academy because of a deep connection and passion for my own local community, and my drive to see the small businesses within it thrive. These methods can be used in communities everywhere, and applied to almost any business model.

From online courses to free downloads and more, find the tools to help your business succeed below.

The Focus on Local Engagement Method

This course helps small business owners use social media in a way that helps them get more customers in their door each and every day, or sell more of their products. By engaging with your audience in a way that, well, focuses on "local," you can build a stronger relationship with your community and increase traffic both online and in-person.

Freebie: Focus on Local Engagement Method (A step-by-step guide)

These five simple steps will help you reach more of your local audience on social media by engaging and interacting with fellow business owners and potential customers.

Coming Soon: Creating Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

Troy Weston of 3twenty9 Design and Hello Social Co. have joined forces to offer this online course.  In this course, Troy will describe the elements of design that make an effective landing page -- whether it's to sell a product or service or to promote an event. Ellen will explain the best practices when it comes to marketing your completed landing page online.