Social media growth isn’t one-size-fits-all

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There’s something important I need to tell you: There’s no one-size-fits-all method for growing your social media.

When I’m meeting with potential clients, they all want one thing — each of them wants more followers on their accounts. They feel that followers = business.

If your followers aren’t buying your products or services, are they really that important?

Your focus when growing your social media should not be to get followers, but to attract followers that genuinely are interested in your business.

By focusing your efforts on potential customers, you can truly measure your social media’s success.

So, just how do you focus your efforts?

1. Define your ideal audience

Are you selling online services? Trying to get users to your Etsy shop? Or maybe you’re a restaurant owner trying to get customers to physically walk through the door.

Write down who your dream customers are, and the behaviors and habits that these people might show.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, Braid Creative has a great resource for defining your perfect customer.

2. Cross-promote

Make it easy for your dream customer to find you — and make them want to follow you, everywhere.

Provide links to your social media accounts on your website (everywhere!). And, make sure your social media links are in your email signature as well.

Then, use your already existing accounts to promote your other networks even further.

Gazette Media & Marketing offers a lot of great tips on cross-promotion by digital media assistant Lydia Matteoni.

3. Be consistent

While we could write about branding and its importance for days, maintaining a consistent image on social media is super important for growth. If a potential customer comes to your profile and sees a mish-mash of photos, graphics and unrelated images, they’re likely to leave.

On Hello Social Co.’s accounts, we maintain branding through our favorite font and use the same filter as often as possible.

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Once you take these three tips into consideration, you’re well on your way to social media growth — with followers that could actually matter to your business.

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