New in social media: Week of May 15, 2017

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Here’s what the Hello Social Co. team is reading this week.

The biggest mistake businesses make on social media


Are you only trying to sell your products on social media, rather than connecting with your community and getting to know potential customers?

“People use social media to get news, to follow friends, and to start conversations, so don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to fit in with your self-promotional sales content,” Ryan Erksine writes.

How do you measure video ad success? It’s not about the click


This article poses a simple question: If no one clicks on a video ad, does it have an impact?

Unfriend, like or troll? Tips for social media etiquette at work

The Guardian

The role of social media in the workplace has always been interesting to us, especially as digital media junkies within our own careers.

“Employers and recruiters increasingly read employees’ social media accounts so it’s essential to consider what your profiles say about you professionally,” Hannah Morton-Hedges says.


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