Four ways to make your Instagram account more legit

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If you’re a small business owner or blogger, you already know that maintaining consistent branding is important. Sometimes it can be difficult to translate that branding to your social accounts.

On Instagram, a few quick updates to your profile can make all the difference. At the same time, maintaining a specific look and feel on your account can make your brand look more legitimate to potential customers or readers.

Here’s a few quick and easy ways to make your Instagram account look more professional:

1. Switch to a business profile

First things first, if you didn’t make the switch in 2016 to a business profile on Instagram, you’re missing out on some great new features. A business profile allows you to add your business address and contact information to your profile, making it easy for potential customers to get a hold of you. In addition, with the switch, you’ll find detailed information about your posts’ performance — including best posting times and days, and the demographic breakdown of your followers.

Need help? Here’s a step-by-step guide on making the switch.

2. Update your information

Your Instagram bio needs to be short and sweet — you only have a few sentences to draw people in. Make sure to include what your business does or what you’re writing about on your blog. Some users opt to add emojis to their profiles to make them more visually attractive – just keep in mind that some emojis aren’t supported across all mobile devices.

If you’ve switched over to a business profile, make sure you’re adding relevant information in that realm: Your business address, business phone number, and business email rather than personal email.

3. Choose a theme

Depending on your business or brand, this could mean a few different things. You’ll want to remain consistent in not only the kind of photos you’re posting, but the color scheme and fonts you’re using within your posts as well. It could be beneficial to choose one or two Instagram filters to always use, too.

Here are a few examples of accounts that have spot-on consistency:

A Beautiful Mess


Owl You Need is Love


4. Find hashtags that work for your brand

There’s a lot of resources for help picking out the perfect hashtags, and finding a few that work for you is important. A good set of hashtags will help your brand be featured within other like brands, and also let users search you through the keywords they’re interested in.

This continually updated list of top-performing hashtags might come in handy.


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