The Facebook metric panel you didn’t know was there

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Surprised to find in an entrepreneurs’ Facebook group this weekend that many users were unaware of the Post Details panel, we’re here to show you how to access these easy-to-understand metrics.

(Note, this is only for Facebook users that manage a Page)

While you can always access your post metrics in your Facebook Insights on your top menu, there’s an even easier way to access your specific-post insights right from your page: in the Post Details.

Scroll to a post on your page that you’d like to see in-depth insights for. Then, click on the number of users that post has reached:


You’ll be taken to a panel that’ll breakdown that post’s performance for you:


Not sure what some of these metrics mean? Here are some of the most helpful metrics defined:

  • Post Reach: the number of people who have seen your post
  • Engagement: the number of people that “clicked, liked, commented on or shared” your Facebook post
  • Post Clicks: total for the engagement actions

Learning about your Page’s posts just became a little simpler!

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