SALE: Holiday promotion package for your small business

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This holiday season, we’re offering a holiday marketing package perfect for any business — whether you offer services, products or are operating any other kind of business!

This package includes five social media graphics, tailored to your business or a specific promotion you’re running this season, PLUS discounted use of our Digital Reach program, that places an ad for you on thousands of websites, targeted by geographic area, your business’ perfect demographics and more.

The best news?

The whole package only costs $250 (normally $450)! Now, why wouldn’t you invest in a little extra marketing to see more sales this holiday season?

Contact us to get the process started, and you’ll be well on your way to your best holiday season yet.

An overview of Digital Reach:

Ads are served to online users based on their site viewing habits, displaying your ads to them as they visit other websites. By using targeting information, we get your ad in front of the right people — whether it be by interest, geographic area or demographics, or a combination of all three.

We create the ad for you, using your branding, style and any information you’re hoping to promote.

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