Use these Focus on Local engagement prompts to connect with your community

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When was the last time you asked your audience a question on social media?

Engagement on social media is more important than ever. Not only is engagement a super-booster for post reach, but it also makes a brand look more authentic online. 

In case you need a refresh, “engagement” when it comes to social media is any interaction that a user takes: A like, comment or share on most major platforms. The more engagement a post has, a higher reach it will have — meaning that more users will see that post on their newsfeeds. 

In order to receive engagement, though, engaging posts are required. Content that makes a user think or respond to a question will tend to have a higher reach than those that don’t. 

And when it comes to engaging with your local community a little more, we’ve got some prompts that might work for you: 


#FocusonLocal — Social Media Engagement Prompts

Focus on Local is an approach to social media that is meant to influence the way you post and engage with your audience daily. It’s the belief that, if you engage your entire community and that community grows and thrives, then the businesses within it will, too (yours included!). 

These prompts will help get people talking about your local community: 

We do business in (community) because of (our favorite thing about it). What brought you to (community)?

Have you lived in (community) your whole life, or did you move here? What’s kept you here?

Our favorite place to grab a morning coffee is (local business). Do you make coffee at home, or grab a cup locally?

Tell us what the last item you purchased at a (community) business was. 

We love to get out and explore downtown. What’s your favorite place to take a walk in (community)?


Don’t forget to use #FocusonLocal when you share your posts!


About the Author:

Ellen Matis is a community connector and the owner of Hello Social Co. When she’s not figuring out how to help small towns grow, she’s hiking or camping with her husband and rescue pups.