Do third party scheduling tools disrupt the algorithm?

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Over the years, there’s been question as to whether or not posts that are scheduled on social media networks via third party apps decrease engagement or reach. Examples of third-party tools include Hootsuite, Buffer and others — including our favorite, Tailwind.

According to recent findings, third party apps have no affect on a post’s performance. High quality and engaging content will perform well on social media, no matter if it’s posted via an app or natively through a platform.

If you are looking to improve your reach on social, you need to be social and consistent. The algorithms for each network work in your favor if you post quality content that receives engagement regularly. Not sure what’s performing well? Use the Insights or Analytics features on the platforms you are using to find valuable information, like learning more about your audience and when they are most active.

After posting, make sure that you respond to comments or direct messages (engagement) right away — don’t just like a comment and walk away. Speak to your audience, ask questions, or thank them for commenting, sharing or tagging a friend.

Carrying on a conversation will not only encourage others to get involved with that conversation, but it will build a good reputation for your brand.

In addition, try using our Focus on Local Approach to engage with more potential customers:

  1. Click through five different hashtags or geo-location tags
  2. Find users that you think would be a great fit as a customer or client
  3. Comment a genuine and thoughtful comment. Don’t use this as a time to be salesy.

Now, your account might be seen by a user that might not have otherwise known about your brand.

PS — Our Focus on Local Approach works even if you’re not trying to reach a hyper-local audience. Just use those steps to reach whatever your true target demographic is.


At Hello Social Co., we use Tailwind for scheduling and analyzing social media content.

When looking for the right tools to help you manage social media, there are plenty out there to choose from. Creator Studio is a FREE valuable tool right in your Facebook Business account. It allows you to schedule content, track and manage performance on both your Facebook and Instagram accounts, providing insights on how your audience interacts with your content and facilitates interaction with fans.

At Hello Social Co. we use and recommend Tailwind. With Tailwind you can manage your presence on Instagram and Pinterest, with an auto-publish feature available for Facebook. Tools include Smart Scheduling, and Analytics & Monitoring.


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Katey Crean is a Social Media Specialist at Hello Social Co. When she’s not crafting social media content for clients, she can be found teaching kiddos musical theater. 

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