Need a little social media refresh? Here’s how small businesses can spice up their online presence

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Often with social media content, we find ourselves trapped into creating the same posts, running out of new ideas and giving up on posting all together. Here are some of the top ways we keep our own social media and our small business clients’ fresh and engaging: 


Collaborate with other small businesses

Here at Hello Social Co., one of our top priorities is supporting local businesses. Collaborating with other local businesses is a great way to stay engaged in the community, support others and grow together. By joining together, your audiences and resources can create a huge success in engagement and following. 


Some ways that businesses can work together are hosting pop-up shops at each others’ locations (following COVID-19 guidelines, of course), combining trades to create a special product together, or my personal favorite: creating a joint online giveaway contest. An online contest will encourage people to follow and engage with the social media of both the businesses to enter.  


Pro tip: Don’t start a giveaway with random businesses just for the sake of growing your f

ollowers. Make sure these businesses resonate with your brand in some way, or share the same local community.


Get organized by creating and scheduling using content pillars

This tip is for businesses who find themselves scheduling the same content over and over. The Hello Social Co. team creates content pillars for all our social media management clients. This helps us generate new content for them and stay organized. Content pillars (sometimes called content buckets) are different categories businesses can choose to create content under. You can use these categories to create an overall schedule of how often you want to post within each pillar. It helps give businesses more creative freedom while also making sure their content stays true to their brand. 


Promoting a personal brand online is also a great way to help others connect with

your business organically. Don’t let that personal LinkedIn account go to waste!


For more information or help with creating content pillars, reference our Ebook or schedule a consultation to see if Hello Social Co. can help create a social media strategy for you. 


Do a social media takeover 

If you run out of social media content ideas, another way to spice up your online presence is to brainstorm with someone else. Also, consider handing your accounts over to another employee or coworker, even if it’s just for a day. A social media takeover can change the perspective of an account for a day. It will give viewers a more inside scoop of what the business or employees do throughout a day. When a social media takeover is done right, it should create more interactive and organic content, show an interesting perspective and stand out from everyday content. The takeover person’s own followers might be inclined to watch them on this account as well. 


Ask your audience what they want

When in doubt, it can’t hurt to ask followers what type of content they want to see from you! This will also help them feel more engaged online. Creating story polls or Q&As are useful for engagement. If you post content viewers want to see, chances are other potential followers out there want to see it as well. 


Use these top tips to spice up your online presence, grow social media following and increase engagement. These tips are perfect for small businesses who have hit a creative wall or are looking to try injecting some new content into their strategy.

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