Stop the boost, start the reach

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You take time and write compelling content. You publish your post and that inviting ‘Boost’ button appears are your screen. You click it and the post is delivered to the News Feeds of users who fit within your target. Sure it’s easy, but is it’s not all that effective.

Unfortunately, while it may seem you’re pushing your content out further than you would organically, those extra views won’t guarantee the impact you’re looking for.

At Hello Social, we strive to deter our clients from boosting their posts and instead use Facebook’s Ad Manager.

With this easily accessible feature you can create, choose from brand awareness or engagement, select your targeting parameter’s, decide which pre-existing post you want to use it for, and then launch your campaign. It’s that simple.

By choosing the unique route for your business needs, you can capitalize on better targeting and extra features all while expanding your content’s reach. So resist the urge to boost and start reaching for the more your company deserves.

Author: Katey Crean, Hello Social Co.

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