Why Instagram is a must for your business moving forward

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Instagram is the fastest growing social media network for businesses. According to Social Media Today, “Instagram only looks set to grow, and reports have suggested that more and more users are shifting their attention towards Instagram, and away from Facebook.”

So what makes Instagram so unique and important? Here are the main facts:

  • 200 million users visit business profiles every day on Instagram
  • 1 in 3 Stories on the platform are created by businesses
  • It’s easy to integrate with your Facebook business
  • It’s easy and affordable to run ads
  • It’s better for every user on mobile, making it the go-to network to surf on a smartphone

When we’re talking about the importance of Instagram in our Hello Social Co. workshops, the conversation usually comes back to the authenticity of it. Instagram was once called “the happiest place on the internet,” and we agree that it’s not only the most visually pleasing, but has the most unique and generally optimistic content.

Instagram gives your business the opportunity to:

  • Show the real humans that make your business what it is
  • Show off your products or services in a creative, visual way
  • Tell longer-form stories without directing users to a blog
  • Be real by going behind-the-scenes in Stories
  • … and the list goes on

Almost every brand can find that Instagram is a great network to reach their target audience on.

If you’re not on Instagram yet, what’s holding you back?