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What is paid user-generated content (UGC)?

Original and authentic content that is produced by a visitor or customer of your business. UGC can come in many forms, including images, videos, reviews, or  a testimonial.

Why is UGC important? 

When users post content about your brand, it builds credibility among that users’ followers — who are typically their friends, family, or peers. According to Hootsuite, 60% of marketers agree that authenticity and quality are equally important elements of successful content. And there’s no other content type that’s more authentic than UGC from your customers.

When implemented, paid user-generated content for your brand can: 

  • Act as online word-of-mouth marketing
  • Establish brand loyalty 
  • Build community among your brand
  • Increase conversions 
  • Influence purchase decisions


How is paid UGC different than working with an influencer?

The biggest difference between paid UGC and sponsored content via an influencer is the production of the content. 

Paid UGC = Account owner is paid and then produces content on behalf of the brand, showing off their experience or purchase. 

Influencer = Content is provided to the account owner and typically includes a budget for that account to promote or sponsor the post. These users might never have a real or authentic interaction with the brand, but their following alone justifies the cost (in many cases).


So where does Hello Social Co. come in?

At Hello Social Co., we’ve expanded our Focus on Local Approach to include the offering of user-generated content services to our clients. 

Finding the right users to experience, and ultimately post about your brand or business on your behalf, can be challenging and time consuming. Our paid UGC service takes this intensive task off your hands, and allows us to communicate with these users on your behalf. We’ll handle everything from outreach, to 

This service is offered to: 

  • Tourism bureaus
  • Main Street organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Cooperative groups of businesses (go in on the service with at least four businesses in your community)

An example of this service in action:

Corrinne Foster, @fosterthefoodie on Instagram, is a travel and food content creator based in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area. With the original intention of visiting our client Goot Essa Cheese, the Hello Social Co. team worked with Corrinne to create a weekend stay for her in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. During her time, Corrinne visited multiple businesses within her niche, posting about her experiences along the way; and stayed at a local bed and breakfast. Corrinne’s stay not only helped show off and build credibility for the businesses she posted about, it also helped show to her followers that Bellefonte is a unique destination to consider for weekend travel.

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Tackling multiple social media platforms at once for a brand is hard work. What goes where, and how should you best utilize each? It's so overwhelming, but Ellen and the Hello Social Co team dispelled the overwhelm by presenting an easy-to-follow and concise plan that focused on each individual platform *and* presented it as an entire brand strategy - no easy feat! Now my team and I can move forward with clear direction.

— Emily Thompson
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