How to create a killer Facebook ad campaign

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You’re ready to delve into the next of your social media marketing: Advertising. But where do you start?

Worldwide, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, and 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business. Small businesses and bloggers all over the world are using ads to grow their audience, promote their products and services and drive more traffic to their websites.

Social media advertising is a necessity (in most cases) for growth and traffic, and ads that stand out to customers that are more likely to drive results.

On Facebook, ad capabilities are continually being updated to allow users to create more dynamic presentations. Ads can be as simple as an image or as complex as a carousel or a video.

Here are some tips for creating a Facebook ad campaign that will help you stand out among the rest:

1. Choose the right goal

The first step when creating your Facebook ad campaign is to choose the objective for your campaign. Choose this wisely. Do you want to grow the number of followers on your page? Are you trying to get more traffic to your website?

Or, maybe it’s more than that. Maybe you want to get more email signups on your website’s form, or have someone use the “Contact Us” button on your page.

Thinking your objective over will ensure that you’re choosing the right goal for your campaign.

2. Fine-tune your audience

Facebook’s ad campaigns can deliver the most basic ads by geographic location, age and other demographic information. But, they can also get more complex.

For example, the ad below was served to a custom audience of Facebook users that had just announced their engagement on social media, or had behaviors that implied that they were wedding planning.

3. Use enticing visuals

Don’t be boring. While image-only ads perform in many cases, slideshows, carousels and video perform much better. Creativity is king when creating the perfect Facebook ad.


Not sure where to begin with your Facebook advertising? Reach out to us, we’ll help you get your campaign going.


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