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Do you ever wonder how the pros have so much time to spend managing their social media accounts?

The secret is, we don’t spend that much time on it. We use tools that help us save time, effort and money on social.

Here are some of Hello Social Co.’s favorite tools — and they’re not just all social-media based:

1. Hootsuite

Hello Social Co.’s Ellen Matis started using Hootsuite back at her college internship, and never went back. Not only is it a great tool for scheduling posts ahead of time, it’s great for multiple-account management.

One of our favorite features is the team management, allowing us to send tasks to other members of the team; and we love the many social media monitoring functions, where you can track lists, keywords and more.

Here’s an inside luck at our Hootsuite dashboard.


2. Google Drive

We use Google Drive for pretty much everything, from document creation and management, to collaborating with the team and managing finances. But one of our favorite uses of Google Drive is for social media management.

Some of our clients prefer to approve posts before we schedule them to go out on their pages. So, we use Google Drive to send them these posts.

What’s nice about it is that, not only can we see any edits that clients make, but we can set up notifications as well.

Google Drive is a simple way to send posts to approval from clients.


3. Google Keep

Can you tell we’re a fan of Google products? With Google Keep, we keep track of the hashtags that we use on Instagram — because let’s face it, no one has time to type those all day, every day.

In our Google Keep, we keep notes for different kinds of posts for us as well as clients with the most effective hashtags.


There are tons of other tools we use to manage social media — stay tuned for more in the future. And if you don’t want to miss any, sign up for updates from Hello Social Co. to have them sent straight to your email inbox.

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