Catching up on Instagram’s latest updates

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We’ve been busy, busy over here at Hello Social Co. — so today, we’re catching up on Instagram’s latest updates.

Here’s a recap of some of Instagram’s newest features and changes:

1. On August 15, Instagram announced updates to comment threads within the platform. Before, it was a little tough to have a conversation with friends about a post below a particular photo, but no more.

When you comment on a photo now, a thread will be started. Instagram shared a photo of the update:

Photo via Instagram.

2. That same week, the platform released a few new stickers to slap on your Story posts — back to school themed.

You can see them here.

3. A 60’s-style face filter was also released for Stories, so you can channel your inner hippie.

We thought it was pretty groovy.

4. And that wasn’t the only filter Instagram launched. This week, it released a rainbow face filter.

Now, you can add a ray of colorful light to any selfie, and play with the rainbow as it shines across your face.

These updates aren’t life-changing for marketers, but they’re certainly fun. How will you use them?

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