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Sharing is Caring!

After the Instagram algorithm shifted the way content is viewed by users, you probably started to look for the best way to reach the right people. Luckily, Instagram’s geo-tag feature lets brands reach nearby customers or target audiences in specific regions. 

With this feature, brands can take advantage and engage with users by publicly sharing content– adding a physical location to content.

Instagram users get on the app and search for trends, but also businesses and locations. To get users engaged with your specific Instagram location, it is important to start tagging your own content as well.

Here are some tips:

Hold an Instagram Contest Running a simple photo contest has the potential to engage users more with your location. Be sure to lay the rules out clearly and ensure they tag your specific location correctly. This should also help users to post more content geotagged with your brand’s location.

A great local example is Bellefonte.com. They encourage their users to tag their favorite Bellefonte “places and spaces” with #lovebft to get their photos featured on their site. While there is no direct contest, engaging their audience in this way gives them the access to promote the local community and all the positive changes and happenings that are occuring. The same is possible for geotags. It’s just up to your brand to find the right outlet and content to promote.


Comment on posts for your brand It is always a great idea to like comments, photos, or simply converse with users. So it is equally important to engage with feedback as it is to provide feedback when possible to associate a unique experience with your brand. Users like to know their experience is being humanized and that they aren’t just dealing with a screen.

Motivate sharing content to your location or hashtag The best thing to do if you feel your geotags are lacking in engagement is to promote it and encourage your users to do the same because you’ll find that some may be hesitant to share content to your location is there’s little to content currently.

As long as Instagram is incorporated into your strategy, it is vital that you get involved with every aspect of the account and continue to maintain it.

Author: Katey Crean, Hello Social Co.

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