Use social media to showcase your expertise

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Sharing is Caring!

The internet is constantly throwing sales pitches in our newsfeeds. At times it seems that advertisements have taken over. So while it may seem counterproductive to not ask your audience for the sale, it’s actually refreshing to know that businesses have humans behind them, too.

The social media world is more likely to buy from you if you are sharing some of your background, your insider information, how your company evolved– you get it.

Put a face behind the brand that sells your products or services.

Whatever your business is, find what sets you apart from your competitor and share as much information as you possibly can.

When you are found as the expert in your industry the sales will come to you. It’s one thing to develop a brand but it’s another thing to encourage support for it. And if we’re being honest, that starts from the inside out.

Your consumers are more likely to have faith in your brand promise if your employees do too.

Luckily there’s a way to share your expertise and the nature of your company simultaneously. Hello Social Co., like many other businesses, is using the hashtag #FridayIntroductions to get the job done. These posts are designed to get to know the people behind all those Instagram squares and Facebook posts.

It can be frustrating to scroll through a feed and realize you don’t even know who the cogs in the machine are.

These posts give your current followers a chance to really know you, connect, and boost engagement.

You can share what your company is up to that week and how these employees have helped to get the job done, interesting facts about the company, why you do what you do, what motivates the team, and more. To keep these posts fresh and exciting make sure to switch the theme up from post to post.

Be honest, stay true, and keep it real!

It’s not always sunshine and roses, your consumers understand that, so show them how you’ve overcome those hurdles and educate them with your expertise. Get the picture?

Author: Katey Crean, Hello Social Co.