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If you’re like me, you’ve logged hours on Facebook creating posting, searching and engaging. But what if I told you that there’s a hub specifically for content creation and management right inside your Facebook business page?

Formerly Publishing Tools, Creator Studio is where all of your Facebook and Instagram marketing tasks are centralized and your organizational dreams become reality. You can find your own Creator Studio on desktop by heading to facebook.com/creatorstudio (make sure you’re logged in!) or visit your Facebook Page and click Creator Studio in the scroll bar on the left hand side. You’re also able to work from the mobile app.

Once you’re inside, you’ll notice the Facebook logo and the Instagram logo at the top of the page. That’s right. Not only can you schedule your Facebook posts, you can also schedule your posts for Instagram if you have a Creator or Business profile — FREE.

Anyone who manages a Page can access Creator Studio, though your Page role determines the specific information you see and the actions you can take.

If you manage a Business Page, you know the value of scheduling posts in advance. It saves you time and helps to plan out your social media content calendar. Facebook Creator Studio allows you to schedule posts on both Facebook and Instagram.

Previously available on the page composer, the scheduler allows you to post, backdate, schedule and save drafts.

Posting good content isn’t enough though. Taking the time to review how your posts have done to find out what your followers like and make the necessary adjustments is crucial. You can find Analytics for Facebook and Instagram Insights right in Creator Studio.

Tip: The Insights section is built to give overall statistics about your content. For metrics related to a particular post, visit the Content Library tab.

There’s many other features you can use to your advantage, like monetizing your Page to earn some money through your content, using the Rights Manager feature to help protect your copyrighted content on Facebook and Instagram, and browse through free and legal music tracks and sound effects to create engaging videos.

You can also assign Page roles to new members, allow the Hashtag tool to provide you with relevant tag suggestions for your post, and manage and respond to messages from both platforms.


Creator Studio is an incredibly useful hub to have at your fingertips, especially if you’re uploading video. If you’re looking to streamline your marketing efforts, Facebook Creator Studio will be your best friend.


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Katey Crean is a Social Media Specialist at Hello Social Co. When not organizing content, she can be found teaching kiddos musical theater.

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