Determining and defining your personal brand

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When it comes to determining a business’s brand identity, some aspects of it may just present themselves naturally. But what about your personal brand? You may not realize it, but your personal accounts reflect who you are as a brand online, too, especially if you are your business – think influencers, creatives, bloggers, etc. Once you nail down your personal brand, it can become a powerful tool to reinforce the brand you’ve established for your business, too.

Step 1. Determining your personal brand

So how should you go about doing this? Well, it’s going to take a little self reflection. Write down words or phrases that best describe you. If you’re having trouble, ask a close friend or family member how they would describe you. 

For example: involved in the community, critical thinker, optimist, outgoing, “people person”, upbeat, team-oriented, direct, problem solver, fun, spontaneous, generous, leader


Step 2. Narrow your focus

Once you have your list of descriptors, narrow it down to three to five items that really hit home. What most reflects you or your sense of purpose.

Example: Involved in the community, problem solver, critical thinker


Step 3. Defining your personal brand

Here’s where a little storytelling comes into play. We’ll take those narrowed down descriptions and create a kind of personal slogan or mission statement. It doesn’t necessarily have to contain the descriptions you selected, but should at least have the essence of those descriptions.

Example: Community-connector dedicated to overcoming obstacles though careful analysis and creative solutions.

Now, what do you do with your personal brand definition? Stick it in your about sections on social media, use it to guide your Instagram aesthetic; if your personal brand is cheerful and friendly, consider bright, fun colors in your images. If it’s more introspective, somber or austere maybe a dark and moody filter would suit you better.

The best part about figuring out your personal brand – there are no wrong answers! Don’t let it stress you out. Get creative and have fun!

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