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Sharing is Caring!

A Guide for Food and Beverage BusinessesFocus on Local

Since I’ve started working in social media marketing, I have always been drawn to food and beverage businesses like restaurants, breweries and cafes. These are always the local businesses I find myself visiting the most in any community I end up in.

However, creating new and engaging content for businesses with a fixed menu has challenges. We all end up stuck and run out of content to share online. So, try these three tips when you run out of content to share to keep your feed as fresh as your food.

1. Community.

As a local business, make sure to show off your community! Sharing, supporting and working with other community members or businesses is a great way to stay connected with the community. Post about any collaborations you have with other small business or community leaders. This also engages others to visit from out of town. They will be getting not just a meal but a community experience. Remember, you are selling more than just your products. You are selling a community and a whole experience.

2. Behind the local business.

If you’re using social media just trying to sell your products, you’re missing out on untapped growth. Make sure to highlight the staff and the history behind the business. Doing this will make others feel more connected. It also highlights your history and gives the employees a chance to have a voice in the business online as well. After all, they greet your customers. Sharing content behind the scenes is a great way to give people engaging posts. This includes how drinks are made/the equipment used and around the kitchen. It also gives more insight on what exactly they’re buying and the process the business goes through to provide it.

3. Update. Update. Update.

Although it might not be often, anytime your menu or products are updated make sure to feature the new items. Make sure to post about if how an item is made changes, if there’s alternative options added like vegetarian or gluten-free, or even if plating changes. If you swap out a seasonal menu, post about it before, during and after it happens. Weekly specials are a great time to post online every week to keep your feed consistent as well such as posting a #drinkoftheweek. Even if there are no new products, always keep photos updated. Swapping out new photos for old ones is a great way to keep your feed active.


Remember, your business is more than just food. It’s also about the community. When in doubt, post about your community roots. The Focus on Local Approach has always been an important part of the Hello Social Co. social media strategy, and we know this works for others as well. To learn more about our Focus on Local Approach, join our network! Learn more here

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