Instagram: The gift of authenticity

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Nothing takes the place of real, authentic engagement. And that is just what Instagram is encouraging with its most recent algorithm change.

You might have started to see the changes go into effect. These changes include: bot activity in regards to engagement and following– meaning if you’ve seen a drop in either category, the algorithm is behind it.

While some may view this as a negative change because their numbers will be growing much more slowly, YOU should view this a positive. We cannot say it enough, here at Hello Social we believe that authenticity is the heartbeat of social media. Instagram is giving us the gift of authentic engagement for the holidays.

Often we watch our numbers go up, but many of the followings, likes or comments we see are from fake or inactive accounts. Acting like a human rather than a robotic brand through social media messages and posts without question increases a brand’s likeability and allows the audience to feel a more genuine connection. We don’t need the bots to succeed.

Every industry can benefit from an authentic voice, whether you are involved in social marketing, customer service, community building or all of the above. You should be engaging with members of your target audience. By using location tags, hashtags, and interacting with similar accounts and their followers they can easily be found. Build relationships and they will come.

According to (Digital Stats), 92% of consumers say they trust earned media, while only half trust paid ads. 70% of people want to learn about products through content as opposed to traditional advertisements (Inc.).

Special tip: Some automation platforms used for engagement have been targeted, so if your business uses a platform be sure to check out your numbers to see if you have been affected And if you are going to continue to use these types of platforms, be careful. Remember– nothing takes the place of real authentic engagement.

So how can assist your brand with this change? Create good, organic content. Entertain your audience more often and make sales pitches less. Be fun and engaging.

Instagram is leveling the playing field, go with it.

An authentic strategy works. Slow and steady wins the race, and it’s time well spent.

Bonus tip: If you are seeing a drop in engagement, consider putting some money towards reaching more people to get things moving in a positive direction.

Author: Katey Crean, Hello Social Co.