Focus on Local: Successful social media on a non-profit budget with Habitat for Humanity

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Habitat for Humanity

In this episode of the Focus on Local Podcast, host Ellen Matis, of Hello Social Co., chats with Stephanie Fost, executive director of the Habitat for Humanity of Centre County.

In this episode, Stephanie talks about how the organization is widely known for some of its initiatives, but uses social media to highlight the lesser-known resources in the community: Like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  As a non-profit, Stephanie says “we have so much potential to do more good in the community and it would be impossible as a nonprofit to do what we do without the modest budget that social media allows for.”

Each episode, businesses pose Ellen and “Ask Me Anything” question — their opportunity to pick Ellen’s brain and talk more about social media marketing. During this episode, we talk about what’s next for Habitat for Humanity on social media … and it involves trying out a new platform!